KABADA / Knowledge Alliance of Business idea Assessment: Digital Approach project is selected by Erasmus+ KA2 Knowledge Alliances program on 2019 call.


Project number: 612542-EPP-1-2019-1-LV-EPPKA2-KA

Project implementation time: from 01/11/2019 till 30/10/2022

EU Grant: 997 918 EUR

Official project page in Erasmus+ results platform

The project will combine the efforts of business and university educators across Europe with a potential beyond consortium members. The created new artificial intelligence (AI) tool for assessment of business ideas will offer new opportunities for developing the practical application of entrepreneurial skills, especially it will enhance decision making in the relation of adoption of new ideas leading to innovations. The project intellectual output will be framed as an innovative module to be embedded in the existing curricula of higher education institutions including
different corporate training programs.

KABADA objectives are:

  • Development of entrepreneurial mind-set and skills in students and their teachers.  A digital tool for assessment of business ideas will be developed as a prototype of artificial intelligence (AI) and will be made with the approach that it can be introduced into entrepreneurial education in any discipline to provide students, researchers, staff and educators with the knowledge, skills and motivation to engage in entrepreneurial activities.

KABADA aims are:

  • Develop new, innovative and multidisciplinary approach to teaching business/entrepreneurship, as the developed system will become a part of study courses
  • Facilitate the exchange, flow and co-creation of knowledge, as the system will be appropriate to be used in multiple educational sectors and will give an opportunity to use specific knowledge (e.g. engineering, physics, medicine) in new business ideas.

The main output of project will be a digital tool for assessment of business ideas of new entrepreneurs developed
through experimentation and prototyping. The tool will include text and data mining methods. Consortium researchers and experts will use AGILE development scenarios in the building of this tool.

Innovative approach lies in the fact that the tool will be AI prototype, digital tool for assessment of business ideas of new entrepreneurs is new and different from other tools (e.g.  business simulation games) that it will not only evaluate the business idea but give first suggestions for the improvements and further steps. None of the HEI in the consortium has such innovative system.

This tool will assist students, researchers and teachers of HEI and different stakeholders (e.g., pupils, unemployed persons, refugees, etc.) to understand strengths and weaknesses of potential business idea and plan before starting a business. The system will be appropriate methodological tool in an innovative training process so that students and other persons can learn the business plan design process, principles and components as well as their impact on potential business success in an interactive way. The main aim is to decrease business fail ratio,
possibility of financial distress and to increase number of successful entrepreneurs.

Project KABADA team:

BA School of Business and Finance (BA SBF), Riga, Latvia, Coordinator

UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL), Leuven, Belgium

Vilniaus kolegija / University of Applied Sciences (VIKO), Vilnius, Lithuania

Mendel University (MENDELU), Brno, Czech Republic

Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal (IPS), Setúbal, Portugal

ArtSmart, Riga, Latvia

Craftworkz, Belgium

Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association (YEPA), Lithuania

Centro Studi “Cultura Sviluppo” (CSCS), Italy

KBC, Belgium

KABADA partnership

composed by ten partners:

P1 – BA School of Business and Finance

BA School of Business and Finances For more than 25 years BA School of Business and Finance (BASBF), a state-founded higher education institution, has been one of the…

P2 – UC Leuven-Limburg

 UC Leuven-Limburg UC Leuven is a UAS in Flanders, collaborating under the name UC Leuven-Limburg with UC Limburg. UC Leuven-Limburg (UCLL) is renowned for the high…

P3 – University of Applied Sciences – VIKO

University of Applied Sciences – VIKO Vilniaus kolegija /University of Applied Sciences (VIKO) is the largest accredited higher professional education institution in…

P4 – Mendel University in Brno

Mendel University in Brno Mendel University in Brno is the oldest independent agricultural university in the Czech Republic. The university has five academic units:…

P5 – Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal

Polytechnic Institute of Setúbal Created in 1979, IPS is a public HEI seeking to contribute to the development of society, in general, and of the Setúbal region, in…

P6 – ArtSmart

ArtSmart ArtSmart ltd is a small company having an international experience in providing management consultations and training to public and private organisations. Our…

P7 – Craftworkz

Craftworkz Craftworkz is a young and dynamic software company which focuses on innovative technologies in the form of prototyping. We see many great ideas in small…

P8 – Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association

P8 – Youth Entrepreneurship Promotion Association YEPA unites SME from business sector, whose main seek is to promote young people entrepreneurship education,…


CENTRO STUDI CULTURA SVILUPPO ASSOCIAZIONE From 1995, CSCS plays as a European leading not-for-profit organization in the TVET sector, providing subsidiarity services…

P10 – KBC Bank NV

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