ArtSmart ltd is a small company having an international experience in providing management consultations and training to public and private organisations. Our team consists of 5 permanent highly professional experts with an experience 10 to 15+ years. We work with more than 20 different field experts. One of the main focuses of the company is business development consulting, business plan development, evaluation of business plans and monitoring of business plan implementation.


Our company has created a Business Incubator and since 2013 we have been actively working on the consultations and mentoring to business start-ups and scale-ups. We have an extensive knowledge in the work with business start-ups, preparation and assessment of the business ideas, business models and business plans. We have prepared the methodology for the assessment of small-scale business plans of new entrepreneurs applying for the start-up capital (seed capital grant) within the State Employment Agency of Latvia. Since 2013 we have assessed more than 800 business plans. ArtSmart has provided mentoring and business consultations to more than 200 business start-ups, and monitored implementation of their business plans during first two years.

ArtSmart has prepared a number of projects and business plans for our customers and tenants of the business incubator. We have been working with local and foreign private business companies, large cities and smaller municipalities, and other public institutions in preparing market researches and investment proposals in order to attract the investments.


We have an experience in the implementation and management of the national and international EU funded projects which bears us deep expertise in the quality assurance, evaluation and monitoring of projects. In last 3 years we prepared and was involved in several international cooperation projects: “Development of Innovative library solutions for different generations in the border region (Self-service libraries for different generations)”, “Business library network for children and youth cross-border business competence building (Business Bag)” both funded within Interreg IV Latvia-Lithuania Cross border cooperation (CBC) programme and “LV-RU Rural Food Way Tourism Route” funded under ENI LV-RUS CBC programme. ArtSmart ensured the quality assurance and control, changes management, monitoring and reporting within these projects, and consultations on the overall project management.


ArtSmart has large experience in the ex-ante, mid-term, ex-post and thematic evaluations of various support programmes funded by EU and other international donors. In recent years we have been involved within following evaluations: the impact evaluation of the Interreg IV Central Baltic programme; the ex-post evaluation of results and impact assessment of the support programmes “National Climate Policy” and “NGO fund” of the European Economic Area financial instrumenof the European Economic Area financial instrument; the Evaluation of the management system and programme complementarity of the European Economic Area and Norway Financial Instruments; the ex-post evaluation of the European Social Fund programme “Support for the strengthening the administrative capacity of public institutions” and other. This brings to us valuable knowledge and experience about the qualitative, efficient and result-oriented project management and quality assurance.

In last two years within we have prepared the mentoring guidelines and trained potential mentors that will work with youth and children in the development of new cross border business ideas. Moreover ArtSmart has elaborated and organised the business simulation programme “Young Entrepreneurs Without Borders”  for the development of new cross border business ideas of youth and children (“kid-preneurs”). During this business simulation programme we organised the training for youth and children on the development of business ideas and business models that resulted within the business idea competition. Through involvement in different international projects we have established a good cooperation platform, which can facilitate the dissemination and further exploitation of KABADA project results. This serves as the good base to share knowledge and widen the range of stakeholders.


The company participated in the preparation of the research “Administrative burdens for start-ups (2015)” thus gaining understanding of main administrative burdens that start-ups have, thus the company will be able to use this information in the project.

Team of ArtSmart