Mendel University in Brno

Description: Mendel University in Brno is the oldest independent agricultural university in the Czech Republic with five academic units: Faculty of Agronomy, Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology, Faculty of Business and Economics, Faculty of Horticulture, and Faculty of regional development and international studies.

The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology’s mission is to facilitate education, to support scientific research and to nurture creative ecologically sound activities related to land, forests, wood and interior with an emphasis on ecology and aesthetics. 

The research focus of the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology can be grouped into these areas: Socio-economic problems of modern society in the context of regional and national economic policies, forest economics and policy view (and related to wood sector) with the focus on the increasing of economic knowledge’s to the forest production possibilities. Focus on business plans plays a key role for development forest and wood based sector as whole.

In 2012-2015, MENDELU participated in LLP/ Leonardo da Vinci project on Education in Strategic Management for SMEs managers/owners. From 2012-2016, it is a partner in FP7 Collaborative Research Project: SSH.2011.1.2-1 Europe moving towards a new path of economic growth and social development and also in FP7 Welfare, Wealth and Work for Europe. Since 2015, MENDELU is a partner in H2020 programmes: FairTax, DESCA and EMHASIS. MENDELU is an active member of various international networks, such as BUSINET.

 Country: Czech Republic

Venue: Brno, Zemědělská 1