The second Kabada meeting was held on May 7-8, 2020 via Zoom video platform. On the first day, the project coordinator Janis Hermanis (Lecturer at BA School of Business and Finance) welcomed the partners and explained the latest updates of the project, offered an overview of the administrative situation, and shared feedback on the current issues.

After presenting a draft design of the Kabada tool webpage, the partners were split into three groups, where they worked to analyze and evaluate the Kabada tool’s features in relation to potential users’ business plans. Specifically, the participants managed to:

  • assess the system characteristics from both the user’s and the information provider’s point of view (digital instrument) 
  • reach a common understanding of the structural, content-related and technical aspects of the tool  
  • improve the tool through suggestions and open discussions 

The first day of the meeting ended with a joint session where the partial conclusions that emerged from the workgroups were presented. 

The second meeting day was useful to collect feedback and solutions from the partners on their works of the previous day. 

The analysis of the theoretical factors was then summarized into useful considerations on how to design KABADA.

The day ended with the assignment of new tasks to the partners for the next period. Overall, the meeting proved to be very productive and saw a very high participation rate.

Below are three photos that were taken during the meeting.