The project kick-off meeting

Project kick-off meeting will be hosted by project coordinator, BA School of Business and Finance. Meeting will be on November 25 and 26.

In this meeting, all project activities and timetable will be revised to be sure that all partners agree and are on the same way from the start of the project and understand tasks and responsibilities.

Main agenda of the meeting

  • Whole project concept, vision, Work Packages, workflow, expected outcomes
  • Issues about budget, supporting documents, agreements, reporting to EACEA
  • More detailed work plan and explanations of the first Work Packages, distribution of the First tasks for:
    • WP3
    • WP4
    • WP5
    • WP7
    • WP6
  • Quality handbook, WP2
  • Dissemination activities strategy, WP9
  • Info, discussions about Project web page, logo, FB page, other needed stuff
  • Planning of the next meetings
  • Selection of the collaborations tools, platforms
  • Evaluation