The 2021 will be the year, when we’ll see that Artificial Intelligence (AI) starts to generate the real value and return on investment for business. The rapid growth of e-commerce forced our entrepreneurs to rethink the value of the big data and analysis. Moreover, new solutions are coming to every business sphere and changing our daily life.

Online businesses were using AI to improve efficiency and reduce costs, initially. But now, AI is introducing newer benefits to the e-commerce industry. At first, it enhances user experience along with new products and helps customer and companies make better decisions. You don’t need to seek what gadget do you need for your new computer; “Amazon” will suggest it to you with ease.

AI marketing with machine learning will make a huge step in our decision making and those who don’t believe in it should take an example from their daily life. When you are looking for a movie on “Netflix”, you don’t need to see every film in the catalog. “Netflix” already uses machine learning to offer personalized suggestions. And that is one of good examples how the AI marketing works. It seems that AI is becoming more accepted and lot of entrepreneurs are experiencing the benefits. During the COVID-19 pandemic the health companies started use AI increasingly to tackle the virus by analyzing and interpreting data on the virus’s spread. The big data, analyzed by the computer billion times smarter than a human brain can predict a future, no matter – good or bad it is.

Nearly 60 percent of financial-services sector respondents in McKinsey’s Global AI Survey report (2020) said that, their companies have embedded at least one AI capability. The most commonly used AI technologies are: robotic process automation for structured operational tasks, virtual assistants or conversational nterfaces for customer service divisions and machine learning techniques to detect fraud. AI is also changing customer relationship management (CRM) systems. Lots of years CRM software required heavy human intervention to remain up to date and accurate. But nowadays with AI a normal CRM system starting to transform into a self-updating and auto-correcting platform. And makes more value for the
business than ever.

What about AI revolution in the small and medium business? There are predictions that AI could be used by a restaurant or night clubs, for example, to decide which music should be according on the quests. If the quests age is changing during the day, the music could switch from romantic 90-ies to the “house rhythms” of 2010 or EDM of 2020. There are also ideas that AI could arrange video projections on the screens and will adjust them to the music and dancing people’s needs. Is it means that somewhere in Ibiza all of DJs and VJs will lost their works? Don’t be afraid. The structure of the workforce is changing, but AI will not essentially replace jobs. Experts claims, that the shift toward AI based systems will likely cause the economy to add jobs that facilitate the transition. We’d better believe that AI will create more wealth than it destroys.

AI can do many things, but it struggles to compete with humans when it comes to our ability to create, imagine, invent and dream. So, let’s dream about future and how we will manage the robots efficiently – that is the main job of ours.