The KABADA project started on November 1st, 2019, and continues to be developed by an international and multidisciplinary team of professors and researchers that works daily on the tool. KABADA aims to help young entrepreneurs in the decision-making process, based on artificial intelligence technology that is fed by actualized information. A database, which contains all economic activities, classified by NACE is currently being constructed. Kabada researchers are working on the risk assessment, for each NACE, for the categories: “Macro”, “Industry” and “Company”.

  • In the “Macro” category, the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and legal variables (PESTEL), are analyzed and the intensity, severity with which they may happen.
  • At the “Industry” level, the company’s relationship with the stakeholders, the bargaining power of suppliers and customers, and the pressure of substitute products are analyzed in an allusion to Porter’s five strengths.
  • Finally, the company‘s processes and human and tangible resources are analyzed. For each variable and category, the associated risk regarding the probability of occurrence, its severity, and differences between countries is ranked on a 3 and 5 point Likert scale. The score assigned to each category in the various parameters will contribute to calculating the “score”, which will alert entrepreneurs to the risk associated with their project.

This assessment, added to the information loaded on the platform, referring to business plans, offers new opportunities to entrepreneurs and will constitute the database for the artificial intelligence system to classify entrepreneurial ideas in an innovative and “automated” way, contributing to anticipate and avoid losses related to impractical projects, and to optimize investments, in the case of high potential projects. In this way, it is intended to contribute to dynamize and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit.

This tool offers new opportunities for the development of the practical application of entrepreneurial skills, regarding the decision-making process and could contribute to dynamizing and enhancing the entrepreneurial spirit among younger people.