Kabada project development work progresses well despite global health emergency. The partners continue to work fruitfully with each other. The most important news at this time is that the partnership has seen the entry of two new partners after the defection of two others initially involved in the project. The two new partners are SWH SETS Ltd. and JSC “Development Finance Institution Altum”, both from Latvia.

SWH SETS Ltd. is a company founded in 2000 and provides expert-level development and maintenance services of custom and enterprise-scale software systems for domestic and international clients. This new partner will be directly responsible for the KABADA system development process in both the research and design and implementation phases. SWH SETS has a highly experienced team with diverse knowledge base to cover the needs of the project in programming, building the system architecture, ML algorithm development, design, IT project management, ensuring the quality of the developed software and the result.  SWH SETS will also the system testing process and testing as well.

JSC “Development Finance Institution Altum” is a state-owned financial institution whose mission is to provide access to finance in sectors that the government has defined as important and to be supported, while also improving the mobilization of private capital and financial resources. This partner will utilize its own database containing business plans from thousands of its clients as input to the development and training of Kabada’s digital tool. In this way the automated evaluation system will be built on real cases. it will also provide its own evaluation of the first results of this tool in order to make improvements and increase quality. Also, by means of a piloting phase, Altum can integrate this tool into business processes and discuss the output in meetings with new starters. 

Both partners were immediately enthusiastic about contributing their impressive work skills and knowledge. The tool that the project will achieve from this new partnership will certainly be enhanced in quality and effectiveness.