CSCS participated in the International Job Meeting that was held on 28 -30 January, 2020 in Cagliari (Italy). The event was organized by ASPAL and the Region of Sardinia.

During the event, Valentina De Vico (Project Manager at CSCS) presented the KABADA project and the tool that will be developed both through workshops and bilateral meetings. Many people were interested in potential involvement, both during the pilot phase as well as throughout the implentation, thus confirming the valuable contribution of the project and its usefulness in the entrepreneurship context in real world.

The International Job Meeting was an event dedicated to promote the interaction among young entrepreneurs, businesses and institutions. In particular, great attention was paid to the themes of active labour policies, but also to topics concerning the world of training, business and markets. Representatives of political and economic institutions discussed current issues and trends; professionals and experts from the business and entrepreneurial world actively discussed to facilitate orientation in the labour market; insiders and coaches made important cultural contributions to create future business plan.

The positive feedback received from participants emphasized the importance of KABADA’s new and innovative tool.