On June 29th, 2020, KABADA’s partners participated in a project online meeting held on the platform Zoom. Purposes of the event included both administrative and content issues.

Particularly, the discussion was focused on improving and more in-depth detailing the work that the partnership has been developing for data sources for training and building KABADA system which will collect, analyze and make predictions on the basis of different public databases and data. Basically, this action is part of the first steps useful to set the Machine Learning for the evaluation of the business ideas, which is the final goal of the KABADA project.

Different public databases e,g, enterprise registers, open data sources have been selected to use existing market data for the prediction of the success or failure of the business plan. Databases will be used to “teach” KABADA to complete an independent SWOT analysis of the submitted business idea.

Project coordinator, Janis Hermanis, announced also relevant news concerning the composition of the partnership. Two new partners are going to join the project shortly:

  • ALTUM: It is a state-owned development finance institution, which offers state aid for various target groups with the help of financial tools (such as loans, credit guarantees, investing in venture capital funds, etc.). It develops and implements state aid programmes to compensate for the market’s shortcomings that can’t be solved by private financial institutions.
  • SWH SETS Ltd.: It specializes in the development of custom enterprise-scale software systems. Its services include support for all processes in the system’s life-cycle.