In Brussels, at the EACEA headquarters, on 4 February, an all Knowledge Alliances projects (call 2019) coordinators meeting was held, where our project manager, from BASBF Janis Hermanis, was also present.

During the meeting, the Agency presented the essential details to be taken into account during the project about funding, amendments, dissemination issues. You can get acquainted with the presentations provided here:

Great point during the meeting was hear the stories of the project coordinators of the previous years, and then during the lunch break talk with them to find out some key tricks for successful project progress.

In the afternoon agency gave us an opportunity to get acquainted with the ideas that the other 32 projects of this year intend to implement, including presenting the KABADA project within the framework of the working group.

The total atmosphere during the meeting was very friendly and inspiring. Conclusion: all you have to do, is work hard to implement your ideas in reality, but at the same time you won’t forget, that the project has to be done with a smile, not as a burden.