The focus interview series continues with the second episode: this time we hear from Rems Grinsteins, main IT project manager, in charge of re-thinking the whole architecture of the KABADA and selecting, managing and supporting the Artificial Intelligence and Web / Database teams.

Answering questions from Valentina De Vico, Rems will explain how AI helps in business planning and how the KABADA suggestion engine works, telling us about the biggest challenges in designing the IT architecture of the  tool and how the all the teams involved interact during the development process.



Kabada, the artificial intelligence tool that compiles users’ business plans online and for free, will be launched by the end of this year. But how does it really work? And how did its creators come up with this innovative idea? We will find out in the first of a series of interviews, with Kristaps Lesinskis,
Assistant Professor at BA school, in Riga.